Rob's Music has been placed on these shows:


Kickin It W/Byron Allen - Multiple Episodes

Entertainers - Multiple Episodes

Track: My Time

Track: Jade

Track: Vamp


Revenge - "Repurcussions" Episode

Track: Last Photograph (Co-Write Daniela Perry, Jay Speight)

Veronica Mars - "Heartfelt Goodbye" Season 4

Track: Last Photograph (Instrumental Version)


Catfish The TV Show

Track - The Chill That You Left Behind (Co-Write- Steve Jenkins) 

E Network-

Keeping Up With The Kardashians - "I'd Rather Go Shopping Or Naked" Episode

Track- Patience


Veronica Mars - "Heartfelt Goodbyes" Episode

Track - Last Photograph (Co-Write Daniela Perry, Jay Speight)

Lifestyle Network - Multiple Episode Usage

Track- "After This"

Tru TV- L.A Forensics "Mysterious Confession"  & "West Hollywood Hustle"

Track - "Sunset" From "SmallTown" Circa 2006 Album "Sunset"

The Weather Channel - Storm Stories season 2 episode 8 - "Last Photograph" (Instrumental Version)


Independent Film "The Master Plan"

Track- My Divide

Track- Glasshouse (Instrumental Version)

Swimbourne University - Melbourne , Australia 

"Learning Beyond The Bell" DVD

Track - My Divide  


Track - DIsillusion